iPad Returns

All items should be returned to the school by the end of the last day of school

At the end of every school year students must return their school issued iPads and accessories. 

If a student will be leaving LPS prior to the end of the school year they must also return their school issued iPads and accessories before their last day. 


Items that are not returned or that are returned damaged are also subject to fees and fines that will be billed to families.

Usually the student will be re-issued the same equipment the following year, so it is important to report any equipment failures for evaluation prior to final return.

Repair and Service:

iPads or accessories that need repair or service should be reported to school staff as soon as possible.  Parents and students should never attempt to repair or service the iPad or the accessories under any circumstance.  

The school has AppleCare coverage for the iPads, chargers, and cables.  AppleCare covers product defects and failures.  In addition AppleCare provides coverage for up to 2 incidents per school year of accidental damage to the iPads.

Fine and Fee Schedule:

Any items not returned or paid for by the last day of school:

iPad Damaged ($40) 

iPad Not Returned ($643)

Rugged Case/Keyboard Not Returned ($160)

Power Adapter Not Returned ($20)

USB charging cable Not Returned ($20)